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About us


The company Great-X is a concentration of strong experiences around:

  • Management and support of innovative structures and companies,

  • The design and implementation of information security policy,

  • Assistance to project management of complex transformation programs,

  • Support on the compliance and certification courses,

  • Conduct of critical and projected industrial and logistical operations,

  • Piloting multi-technical and multicultural projects,

  • The development of innovation strategy and digital transformation,

  • Business coaching of structures and technological directions with leading software.

Which allows it to decline a service offer with a good strategic sequencing, conveyed by:

  • A strong utility for the purchaser,

  • A fair price,

  • A target cost that does not sacrifice profitability

For any industrial, tertiary and service context.


The company Great-X (strong experience-as its name suggests) consists only of senior experts recognized in their field of predilection. Our demands on our teams are guided by a clear code of ethics.

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